Curiosity Chronicles & Story of the World (Ancients) Alignment

Two of the most popular secular curriculum publishers right now are Build Your Library, a perennial favorite for many homeschooling families, as well as Torchlight Curriculum which was released just last year but already has gained quite the following.

As of this post, Build Your Library uses Story of the World as the Ancient History spine for Level 1. Although the author of Build Your Library doesn’t schedule most of the chapters that retell Christian stories as historical fact there is a Christian bias to the text which has put off many secular homeschoolers over the years.

Curiosity Chronicles was published in 2017 and was chosen as the primary Ancient History spine for Torchlight Curriculum (Level 1) when it launched in 2018. Curiosity Chronicles is written as a dialogue between two characters, which can be a bit awkward to read on your own (there is an option to purchase audio files to accompany the text, but please note some have had issues with the quality of the audio, specifically the volume discrepancy between the two voice actors).

I have sought to make this book open and accessible to people of all faiths or lack thereof. Religion is discussed when relevant to history, but is always presented as belief. I do not deal with which beliefs are true or false in any way, instead I focus religious discussions on their impact on daily life.

“Statement of Bias” in Curiosity Chronicles

Although Story of the World is not as secular of a resource as Curiosity Chronicles many families still wish to include it, for some they use it simply because they already own it and for others they add it because they feel it is a bit more robust than Curiosity Chronicles. Regardless of the reason for using both books to teach Ancient History there has been a need in the homeschool community to have a resource that aligns the content of the two texts. That need prompted the creation of our Ancient History Alignment spreadsheet.

We are currently in the process of proofing the resource we have put together put didn’t want to delay in releasing the draft for families to start utilizing right away. You may download a PDF containing the sorted alignment sheet here, please contact me if you discover any issues in this draft that need to be addressed that I may have missed!

For more ways to combine Torchlight Curriculum and Build Your Family to fit your homeschooling style join the Torchlight & Build Your Library Families Facebook group.


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