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Wildwood Curriculum is that a passionate community of users has organically grown from within. We donate our time by contributing content to the creators of Wildwood in the form of website content, tests, and schedules – this is one such resource. HOW TO USE THESE RESOURCES All families are different, and that includes how they manage their homeschool. There are two resources included to help you utilize Wildwood Curriculum to its fullest:

  1. Lesson Checklist (pages 3-6): If you are more of a DIYer, use the simple checklist throughout the year to ensure you have covered each topic outlined by Wildwood.
  2. Weekly Schedule (page 7-end): If you prefer to have the lessons broken out by week for you, use the grid schedule (one page per term, plus a blank grid per term to schedule your own additional lessons). This option also includes a “progress tracker” after each grid schedule so you can keep track of lessons that aren’t week specific or allow customization of the lesson. (These weekly schedules take a significant amount of time to create, so to not delay release of checklists as they are available, Forms will be published with checklist only until the full schedule is created.)
Note: Only Form IB has a weekly schedule at this time as we are focusing our efforts on creating checklists for all available Forms. Once all Forms have checklists created we will go back and create schedules for additional Forms. COPYRIGHT INFORMATION Wildwood Curriculum retains full copyright over the content of their curriculum. You will need to utilize their website for the details that will turn this resource into a full curriculum. Please use the links found within these documents to visit their website for additional information. The schedule and resources available here were created (and thus copyrighted) by the owner and all rights are reserved. Please do not share these documents with anyone outside your home – instead, please direct them to this website where they can easily download their own (and most up-to-date) copy. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and it will encourage us to create more work to share with you! [the_grid name=”Wildwood”]]]>

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