Secular Curriculum List

Below are the secular curriculum offerings I have come across, please share those I missed so they may be added to this list!

Primary Curriculum

  • Blossom & Root: Secular homeschool curriculum and resources focusing on nature study, literature, S.T.E.A.M. and the arts.
    Approach: Charlotte Mason
    Grades: PK-1
  • Build Your Library: Have you been looking for a literature based homeschool curriculum that is secular? How about a way to incorporate narration, copywork, dictation and memory work into your child’s education? Or art study that ties into history? What about a secular science that is mostly literature based in the elementary years? Well, you have come to the right place! Welcome to Build Your Library Curriculum!
    Approach: Charlotte Mason
    Grades: K-11 (grade 12 coming summer 2019)
  • Home | School | Life Curriculum: Our high school curriculum is designed to be comprehensive (it includes everything but math) and academically rigorous, our liberal arts curriculum is a student-driven, interdisciplinary program that emphasizes critical thinking, reading, and writing. Year One of the four-year program is available to preorder now.
    Grades: 9; higher grades in process of being created
  • Lavender’s Blue Homeschool: At Lavender’s Blue, I teach about holistic homeschooling. Holistic homeschooling is creative, engaging, and respectful of the child as a whole, developing person. It’s also highly effective – because when we engage our children head, heart, and hands, lessons are memorable and children love to learn.
    Approach: Waldorf
    Grades: K-3
  • Oak Meadow: Join Oak Meadow’s accredited distance learning school or purchase material from their bookstore to school your children in a traditional homeschool format.
    Approach: Waldorf
    Grades: K-12
  • Playing Preschool: Looking for a homeschool preschool curriculum for your child? Meet Playing Preschool: a new way to preschool at home with hands-on, play-based learning. Themed units anchor the learning as children explore math, reading, science, art activities, and much more!
    Grades: PK (2 years of scheduled curriculum)
  • Torchlight Curriculum: Torchlight takes a distinctively secular Socratic-inspired approach with Humanist underpinnings. Torchlight supports the Golden Rule, kindness, exploration, questioning, and scientific thinking. A worldly approach full of logic, equality, and empathy. Equality is one of the tenants we venture to exhibit throughout this curriculum.
    Approach: Socratic
    Grades: K-2 (PK and higher grades are in the process of being created)
  • Wildwood Curriculum (free): At its heart, Wildwood strives to offer curriculum from a secular Charlotte Mason standpoint: not favoring or assuming of any spiritual path, while using Charlotte Mason’s incredible recommendations and influence.
    Approach: Charlotte Mason
    Grades: 1-6; higher grades in process of being created
    I have created many resources for Wildwood users, you may download those resources for free here.
  • Ursa Minor Learning (free): Ursa Minor Learning is a Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum. Bolstered by the twin pillars of science and history, Ursa Minor is compilation of many moms’ homeschooling experience, hundreds of hours of reading educational and homeschooling philosophies and methodology, and a lot of love. It is presented here for free for you to use as you see fit in your own home.
    Approach: Charlotte Mason
    Grades: 7-12; lower grades in process of being created
  • Wee Folk Art – Simple Seasons (free option available): Simple Seasons is a literature based, hands-on preschool and kindergarten homeschool curriculum that has been designed to be used with 4-6 year old children as a gentle introduction to their school years. Each seasonal based unit includes literature, social studies, art appreciation, crafts, and science. An introduction to phonics is included as an optional activity for the older child who is ready for kindergarten activities.
    Grades: PK-K

Core Subjects


  • Beast Academy
  • Math Mammoth
  • Math Seeds
  • Prodigy Math
  • Singapore Math
  • Wild Math: Imagine if you could just step outside to teach your child math? Ditch the workbooks and enter the classroom without walls! Each Wild Math curriculum guide is packed with ideas to get your students outdoors and learning with hands-on activities!
    Grades: K-3


  • Real Science Odyssey:

Language Arts & Handwriting

  • All About Reading:
  • Brave Writer: Brave Writer is designed to enhance the parent-child relationship through the teaching of writing. It is my contention that writers are grown best when students feel supported and free. Parents feel best when they have strategies they can trust to advance their twin goals: peace and progress in the writing process. Enter Brave Writer’s abundance of programs (both self-teaching guides and online classes with instructors).
  • Handwriting Without Tears:
  • Logic of English:
  • Reading Eggs:

Electives & Supplemental Resources

  • DIY: DIY is a safe online community for kids to discover new passions, level up their skills, and meet fearless geeks just like them.
  • Enrichment Studies: We’ve combed the internet to find the best available resource (in categories such as: composers, art, inventors, and penmanship), reviewing them for their educational value, variety, and age appropriateness. We also preview the stuff to make sure that any potentially objectionable content is known to parents in advance so that you can determine how to present the material to your children.
  • Exploring Nature With Children: Exploring Nature With Children is a complete, year-long curriculum designed to guide you, step by step, through an entire calendar year of nature study. Completely self-contained, this book has all the information you need to make nature study happen regularly for your family.
  • Legends of the Staff of Musique: Inspired by a holistic and developmental approach to literacy, such as is utilized in Waldorf education, Legends of the Staff of Musique brings musical concepts pulled from the Kodály approach to music literacy into your home.  Each level has its own imaginative story in which the musical concepts are cleverly hidden, bringing life and magic to musical terms and pedagogy.  The concepts are reinforced through cultural folk songs, and fun and engaging projects and even recipes!  Children can taste the flavor of the notes in the major scale, or take pride in creating simple musical instruments to accompany their singing!  With Legends of the Staff of Musique, music literacy isn’t solely cerebral.  It is experienced with the head, the heart, and the hands.
  • Outschool: Outschool connects motivated learners, parents, and teachers together to create great learning experiences. We offer unique online classes from hundreds of independent teachers. Our classes meet via group video chat.
  • Rooted Childhood: A seasonal collection of beautiful handicrafts and opportunities for connection with your child. Each month of Rooted Childhood contains a introductory section with everything you need to get started, 8 simple handicrafts suitable for beginners with a detailed supply list, 3 whole food recipes, an idea for a family gathering/celebration, an original story, seasonal poetry, songs and fingerplays, and picture book recommendations, all geared toward families with a child under age 8.
  • Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time: SQUILT is a music appreciation curriculum that is easy to teach. Each volume is simple and affordable. It is for the parent with limited or NO musical knowledge. SQUILT is for the parent that wants to learn alongside their child. It is for the music teacher that needs something they can pull out that takes NO work.
  • Whole Family Rhythms: Seasonal eGuides for Mamas (or carers) who have young children at home and who are yearning to slow down, create and connect with the rhythm of their days together.

The homeschool market has many, many choices for families that follow a Christian faith and wish that to be at the core of their schooling. Families who are non-religious, follow a different faith, or do not want their religious studies to be dictated by a curriculum company had far fewer options in years past. Thankfully, as more secular families join the homeschooling world, new curriculum choices are becoming available. All curriculum listed on this page is secular, to the best of my knowledge, but I do acknowledge there are inclusions like Bible art (as is appropriate to academic discussion regarding art of the time period) as well as holidays which have varied histories and connections to multiple religions. If you discover content within a curriculum that promotes or pushes any religion please let me know.


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